Fin-tastic logo, one-page website, and business card design

Water tank cleaning company Mako Cartage asked us to create a new logo design, one-page website design, and other marketing materials to enhance their branding. We developed a wordmark logo based on the inspiration they took for the company name, as well as an appealing, results-driven, and attractive website.

How to mako a connection with good branding design

Mako Cartage asked us to design a creative logo for their water tank cleaning business. We decided to make it a wordmark logo to create ablend of simplicity and creativity. This formula always helps us create logo designs in Auckland that perfectly set the tone for your business

Our starting point was the inspiration for the company name – the mako shark. The concept from our designers was to replace the letter A in Mako with a fin design. This subtle change would make a connection in the minds of customers. With that as the concept, we chose a typeface for the rest of the letters, selecting one that was legible and would be easy to work with.

Water tank logo design with a shark fin on a black background
Red shark fin logo designed for a water tank company

Clever and subtle shark fin wordmark logo design

With the fin concept and typeface settled, we started exploring ways to replace the letter A with a shark fin. In doing so, we followed typographic rules and utilised curves that matched the typeface, ensuring a seamless blend between the shark fin A and the rest of the letters.

As for the colour scheme, we used an eye-catching red tone for the main part of the company with an ocean-inspired blue for the word Tanks. The blue provides an excellent contrast to the red while also making a further connection to water and the inspiration behind the company name.

Clever shark fin logo design for a water tank company displayed on mugs
We also designed minimalist business cards for Mako Cartage, with the logo on a black background on one side and the contact details and fin design on the other.
Modern business card design with a shark fin for a water tank company

Creating marketing designs for a water tank cleaning company

With the logo finalised, we started designing other marketing materials for Mako Cartage to use. This included coffee mugs, invoice booklets, and other elements. We also created a one-page website design NZ clients would be drawn to.

One page website design for a water tank company made with Wordpress
Close up of a clean one page website for a water tank company

Designing beautiful one-page websites for small businesses

Clean one-page website design can be highly effective. This is the route we took with Mako Cartage, creating a design that would showcase the logo and company branding, while also making a connection with customers. We used wave elements to break up the sections on the page, and the website was fully responsive to work on any device.

We also incorporated strong calls to action and an intuitive flow. If you need a logo, branding, or website design for your business, get in touch with us today.

Invoice book layout and design for a water company

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