Remodelling a renovation and building company's logo and marketing assets

Construction company CN Build asked us to redesign their logo to make it more reflective of their brand and values. We created a C N initials logo that represented quality, stability, and trustworthiness, before using this as a base to create a range of other marketing assets.

C N the creativity in construction company logo design

CN Build specialises in renovations and extensions, and it has a reputation for quality workmanship and delivering a high-end finish. The team asked us to create a new logo that would better reflect their years of experience in the industry, the extent of their capabilities, and the standards they deliver.

The best builder company logo design in NZ is professional to create a sense of trust, as well as being bold and innovative. This is exactly what we created for CN Build, designing a logo that captures the essence of the brand and sets them apart from the competition.


Modern logo designed for building company on a dark background
Clever logo for building company using the letters C and N to form a house construction
Full vehicle wrap for a builders ute with diagonal design elements and logo

Use C and N letters to design a new modern and sophisticated logo

The starting point for our designers was to use the C and N initials of the company name to design the logo. The concept we came up with is simple while also being clever. The shape clearly looks like a C and an N, but it also has the appearance of a building or timber framing construction, connecting the design directly with CN Build’s industry.

The logo icon uses bold, solid lines to create this shape. We then used a modern sans serif typeface for the company name. This typeface features similar angles on the lettering as the logo icon we created. The colour palette selected was gold and dark blue to add an additional level of sophistication to the design.

Modern billboard design for building company
The finished logo we designed clearly represents the construction industry, but it is also strong, elegant, and stylish.
Branded stationery for a building company, displayed on a wooden table
Logo embroidered onto uniforms for building company in Auckland, NZ

Creating a professional appearance with company uniform design

With the logo complete, CN Build engaged us in a range of other design tasks, including designing a new uniform for the company’s employees. The design we developed was functional for the work that gets done on building sites, while also clearly featuring the company’s branding. This design enhances the professional impression created by the CN Build team when working on projects.

Construction company email signature design

Every touchpoint that a customer has with a business is a potential marketing opportunity. This includes the emails that customers receive, so CN Build asked us to design an email signiture for their team to use. We developed a HTML email signature for easy deployment, with a design that was professional and crisp, and that featured the company’s branding.

Email signature design for buolder shown on a mobile in a wooden display stand
Business cards designed for building company in NZ
Letterhead and envelope design on bright white paper for a building company

Construction company business card and stationery design

Designing new business cards in Auckland can sometimes be a challenging experience for companies. Not for CN build though, as it was all part of the brief here at White Rabbit. Our team created an eye-catching design that used the colour palette of the logo in an attention-grabbing and memorable way. The three colours – white, dark blue, and gold – contrast perfectly, while the logo icon features in both light background and dark background versions. We also designed a professional and modern letterhead for CN build, as well as an envelope design that makes the company stand out from its competition.

Modern website design for building company in NZ

Branding design services that will get your business noticed

Lanyards, email signatures, and various items of stationery were also part of the CN Build branding design project that we completed. As with the other elements, the colour palette, style of the logo, and design of the website were kept consistent throughout, producing a highly sophisticated suite of marketing and branding assets. If you are looking for a similar solution for your company, please get in touch with us.

Custom lanyard design for NZ builders

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