Making the business cards for NZ's largest online deal site

Using hand drawn, personal touches, White Rabbit took representations of the GrabOne identity and moulded these into iconic business cards that give the online deal site a point of difference and keep people talking.

Something a little different

NZ’s largest online daily deal site, GrabOne were looking for some unique business cards in NZ for their sales reps and marketing teams to hand out at meetings. We were tasked with creating something a little different. Our client was after a more personal and approachable design to introduce themselves.

Pulling inspiration from their existing branding and their original briefing, our team created some memorable business cards. Online may be where the action happens for GrabOne but the deals generally all take place face to face with sales reps throughout NZ.

Now, their team is all set to hand out business cards with a more personal touch.


Business cards online

Custom business cards online

The GrabOne logo boldly stands out in contemporary fashion on their business cards, combined with a dark and light background on each side for a refreshing contrast.

We crafted the contact details using a mix of typography and illustration, laid in an organic flow, not too dissimilar to the way you might introduce yourself in person. This helped to add another level of personalisation to the cards.

Even when it comes to highly custom solutions like this, we make creating business cards online a smooth and fun experience for your business.

Business cards online in NZ
We portrayed the level of personalisation GrabOne provide with their deals online, by crafting business cards that provide a personalised introduction to each client.
Grey, blue and white business cards

The real deal

The result of White Rabbit’s work for GrabOne is a polished, personal brand identity that will be handed out to many businesses throughout NZ. Our designs provide a clear visual point of reference that instantly communicates a creative, more personalised approach to sales.

GrabOne didn’t look back after requesting our help with business cards online. We provided a fully customised service, catering to every stage of the process with design, print and delivery.

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