Going nuts for squirrel illustrations in this creative project

This illustration and design project involved creating squirrel illustrations and scenes that would transport the viewer into the story. Our illustrators brought the squirrel characters to life while ensuring the designs worked on a range of media.

Squirrel illustration project: insert acorny joke here…

The best illustrations captivate viewers, setting the scene and capturing the mood of a story. They also explain the character at a glance. When asked to complete this cartoon-like storyboarding project, our designers focused on creating a modern flat design featuring squirrel characters. They had to be squirrel characters that viewers would want to get to know.

Our starting point was to conduct thorough research. We then spent time conceptualising and developing ideas that would do the story justice. The story itself was comical and whimsical, so the characters and scene we created fitted perfectly, with each squirrel in the illustration having its own personality.


Modern illustration design of squirrels playing in the treetops
Adding subtle expressiveness to the squirrel characters in the illustrations was crucial to the overall visual effect.

Developing the squirrels-in-tree-tops concept into a full illustration

The flagship illustration for the storyboard was a scene where the squirrels are working together to collect food, bringing it up to their treetop home. We added various elements to the design to humanise the squirrel characters, making them more relatable. This included having the squirrels use ropes and pulleys.

Our illustrators took an approach to the colour palette that produced a stylish and reassuringly traditional cartoon appearance. We also used natural tones to properly set the scene for the story, i.e., a forest location with acorn trees and plenty of wildlife.

iPhone cover design of a close up squirrel illustration
Framed poster of squirrels playing in treetops in a modern illustration style
Canvas bag displaying cute illustrations of squirrels

Applying the cute squirrel illustration to other media and merchandise

Part of this project was also to think ahead to the point where the squirrel characters and scenes from the story would be applied to merchandise, digital media, and elsewhere.

As a result, our illustrators considered how each illustration they produced could be used on posters, websites, social media, and a range of physical marketing materials, including phone covers and tote bags.

Our skilled illustrators can help with your project, too, whether you need squirrels in your design or any other characters. Get in touch with the team at White Rabbit today to discuss your vision.

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