We're not pumpkin kidding – we love pumpkin logo design

Little Pumpkin supplies unique Asian snack foods to Chinese grocers, independent supermarkets, and specialist convenience stores across the country. They asked us to come up with a cute logo design. The design we created fitted in perfectly with the identity of the company and appealed to their target audience.

Mmm, delicious pumpkin… ahem, we mean creative pumpkin logos!

Yes, our design rabbits love pumpkins, but we still managed to focus on the task at hand when creating new branding for Little Pumpkin. The company is a specialist distributor of Asian snack foods in New Zealand. They are successful, but there was one crucial component missing – they didn’t have a logo.

It’s a testament to the quality of their products and the service they provide that they have had such success without any branding except the company name. However, getting a new logo and establishing a professional brand would take them to the next level and enhance the reputation of the company even further.


Brand identity for a snack company containing a pumpkin logo mark and cute typeface
Premium logo design for a specialty snack company
We developed a cute logo design for Little Pumpkin with a playful logo mark that is not only memorable and unique, but also makes a connection with the company's customers.

Giving customers pumpkin to remember them by

Our goal was to create a logo for Little Pumpkin that was full of character. The design we created has a logo mark that is symmetrical and uses geometry, making it appealing to look at. It also has a cartoon-like appearance that instantly stands out as being different.

We paired the pumpkin logo mark with a playful, handwritten font. This is essential for branding, but it also added professionalism and structure to the design. The midnight blue and white colour scheme contrast beautifully with the bright orange of the pumpkin logo mark. The result is a logo perfectly placed to become synonymous with NZ’s Asian snack food market.

pumpkin logo design for a snack company
Wrapper design for a premium snack company consisting of a logo and pumpkin pattern
Email signature branding with a snack logo design and details in purple

Asian snack food branding that gets noticed and makes a connection

As part of raising Little Pumpkin’s branding up a level, we also designed an HTML email signature that the team could use when communicating with customers and partners. The design features the new logo we created, as well as a strapline and the contact details of the individual. This email signature would help keep the Little Pumpkin branding front of mind.

We also created new packaging designs that show the versatility of the new logo and how it can make Little Pumpkin’s products stand out in the world of Chinese groceries packaging design.

Whether you are in the snack food industry or have a different food-related brand, we can help enhance your logo design and branding too. Get in touch with us at White Rabbit today.

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