Raise a glass to a poster design of class

Poster design for a wine shop

Our bunnies were ready to sip and surf after creating a wine poster design to promote an online store

St Heliers Cellar, a seller of fine wine and spirits, wanted a Auckland graphic design company to create a simple and classy poster to inform their customers that they could now purchase their products online. Our design approach was to create a modern and fresh online store poster that would capture the essence of their products. We chose a captivating image of a beverage in a glass, surrounded by carefully curated ingredients that conveyed the premium quality of their products. Placing the image front and center on the poster against a black background added a touch of sophistication and elegance.

For the text, we opted for white and gold lettering in a classic serif font, adding a touch of refinement to the classy poster design. The combination of white and gold on the dark background created a high contrast that made the text stand out and draw attention to the message. The resulting poster design was simple yet eye-catching, evoking a sense of indulgence and luxury.


Poster showing online store services for a wine and spirits store
Flat view of a poster with a classy design using imagery and contrasting colours
Wine poster designed with a classy treatment on a stand in the city

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