Our website designers took the plunge for a pool company

We worked closely with Precision Pools to build a brand new website that gives them control over their content. Our website designers created a responsive site that looks great whether it's viewed on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

A website design that’s all class

Precision Pools worked with our website designers in Auckland to create a striking online presence for their pool company. Our classy clients were looking for a high end website design, giving the visitor a clear impression of luxury and quality.

It was also imperative that the new website clearly displayed their various options for pool finishes.

We focussed the development around high-quality, bold imagery to visually showcase the best of Precision Pool’s ambitious projects throughout their website.

Clean and simplistic, the design captures both the artistic talent and eye for detail of the Precision Pools team, as well as their professionalism.


Website designer NZ

A precise execution from our website designers

As requested, our website designers created a site as sleek and luxe as they come. The sophisticated monochromatic designs are pleasing to the eye, the modular information is easy to digest, and there’s engaging imagery of their projects dotted throughout.

We worked hard to create a website that is highly visual, provides clear navigation and reflects the style of the pools they create.

In an industry where the design and portfolio are significant buying factors, the website was designed so that the user felt like they were peering through a window into Precision Pool’s previous projects.

Website designer
Clean modern website design in Auckland
To foster the trust of prospective clients, our website designers ensured that we created a modern, professional and sophisticated site that reflects their tailored service.
Responsive website designer in NZ
Pool website design NZ
Black and white website design

Custom Iconography

Using the brand colours we had established, and a precise monoline style, we created custom iconography to represent their services.

We designed contrasting and clean icons that stand out and clearly guide users through their offerings. The icons fit their brand perfectly and have since become an integral part of their brand voice.

A website for little and big screens

An important aspect of this website was for its ability to translate to a mobile or tablet design while still keeping usability and design at the forefront.

Our website designers made sure it’s beautifully responsive and functions well on all devices and screen sizes, providing an engaging experience for all.

Smartphone optimised website design

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