Constructing a striking letterhead design

In collaboration with our friends at Cousins Construction, we designed a letterhead for their company. The result is stylish, bold and eye-catching. Perfect for capturing the attention of readers.

Construction industry website design that measures up

Cousins Construction brings a wealth of experience to every project it works on. When the team at this respected building company asked us to design their logo and website, they wanted this 60-plus years of industry expertise to be clearly evident. It is also a family-owned business with values that are based on trust, honesty, and great customer service.

Our Auckland design agency focused on these aspects of the Cousins Construction brand, using them to make a connection with visitors to the website. Visitors would then engage further with the content to learn more about the company’s expertise and the services it provides. The starting point was to design a company profile and website that both worked cohesively together.


Letterhead design
A high end construction company requires a high end letterhead design. Our clean design combined with a luxury paper stock does just that.

Effective letterhead design

We used geometric shapes as a simple graphic device to illustrate the idea of building blocks and the connections that occur in construction. The geometric shapes also help to establish a sense of symmetry and balance. Obviously important qualities in the construction industry too.

Black panels at the top and bottom of the letterhead design provide a frame and a contrast with the white and bright blue brand colours.

With their professional, slick looking new letterhead, Cousins Construction have a simple but powerful new marketing tool that gives them a new sense of credibility when they approach contracts.

Letterhead design NZ
Blue triangle logo mark design in the form of a letter c

Reflecting their strengths

Triangles are known to be the strongest shape. We established a brand architecture based on this, that highlights the structural nature of the business while embracing a timelessly modern look. This in turn represented the modern thinking and design behind the buildings that Cousins Construction bring to the NZ market.

Construction company logos, seen on a modern web design

Establishing trust through experience with construction company branding

With our experience creating construction company logo design in NZ, we were able to create a design that reflected the values and unique selling points of the Cousins Construction brand. The logo uses a blue colour palette and modern typeface, with a logo image that resembles blocks being assembled and the letter C from the company’s name. It is triangular, too, a shape that is popular in the construction industry because of the strong base it provides.

In terms of the website design, we started with a straightforward sitemap that would ensure it was as easy as possible to find information. We then introduced lots of white space to ensure the key features of the page fully stood out and got all the attention. Even the design of the menu was kept deliberately simple.

Clean web design for construction company in Auckland, NZ
Logo design for NZ Construction company
Logo and web design for construction company

Showing rather than telling in construction website design

The main features that stand out against the white space of the website are the images and headline messages. We used large, high-quality, and attention-grabbing construction images to make a connection between the company and visitors to the website, and to demonstrate quality and attention to detail.

The headline messages appear in black boxes with white text. Against the white space background of the website, it creates a striking effect. For the body text, we used a simple font in grey to ensure the paragraphs were not lost and to make them easy to read.

Example of a best in design construction company logo on a website
While we kept the design simple, we added character and uniqueness by designing a pattern to sit behind the images, further enhancing them.
Minimal black and white website design for construction company

Letting company character shine through in profile booklet design

In addition to designing a new website for Cousins Construction, we also created a company profile booklet that could be given to prospective clients. The booklet design follows the style of the website, with a minimal look and a crisp presentation of the information. The images dominate throughout the booklet and showcase the company’s character and depth of expertise.

Construction company branding
Booklets for NZ construction company

Experience counts in construction and marketing material design

We were proud to use our experience in marketing material design to create a new online presence, logo, and brochure for this experienced construction company. If you are looking for similar services, we can help at White Rabbit. We will design a unique website and other marketing materials that represent your brand and values and that showcase the services that you offer in the most engaging way possible.

Booklet cover for construction company

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