This case involved great logo design and good judgement

Commercial and property law firm North End Law asked us to design a new logo to represent its brand. The new logo then provided the basis for new business cards, print materials, and a new website.

No need for an appeal with our appealing logo design

Based in Hamilton, North End Law provides commercial and property law services that include property transactions, asset protection, and estate administration. The firm was in search of a logo design company in NZ to craft a corporate and trustworthy design, while also ensuring it remained modern and classy.

We created a logo for North End Law that was both simple and striking, while also being memorable. The sleek typeface, stacked appearance, and black and white design gives the logo a timeless look.


Black and white logo design with three lines for a lawyer company

Lawyer logo and business card design services

The logo mark we created is an essential component of North End Law’s new logo design. It is a simple three-line design that is an abstract representation of sound, reflecting the concept of a legal client being heard and understood. The logo mark also works well on both printed and online materials.

This includes the new business cards, which we also designed. We retained the minimalist design inspired by the new brand image, while making effective use of the new logo mark.

Stacks of business card with a clean design for lawyers
Simple business cards with a clean layout for a law firm
Letterhead design leaning against a wall designed for a lawyer

Using the new law firm logo and branding design

In addition to business cards, we also designed new printed marketing and business materials for North End Law, including new letterheads, as well as signage. The priority in all the designs was to portray a distraction-free and highly professional image with a focus on the client.

We designed a new email signature, too, as emails are a highly important form of communication for modern law firms. The email signature presents the company’s branding and contact information succinctly and attractively.

Black and white email signature for a law firm
Office wall displaying 3D logo signage for a law firm

Law firm website design

The new branding for North End Law was carried through to the new website that we also designed. Our team of website and user experience designers created a modern layout with intuitive navigation. The black and white imagery on the clean white background of the website ensures a highly professional appearance.

We also made sure the website worked on all devices, paying particular attention to text legibility on smaller screens and ease of navigation.

Angled ipad viewing a home page design for a lawfirm website
Website design on a laptop featuring black and white elements for a lawfirm
Angled iphone displaying a team page for a law firm in responsive view

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