Fashioning a stylish logo for this clothing brand

Designing a logo for a fashion company requires specific consideration of how well the logo will work when translated onto fabrics and textiles. The logo we created for fashion brand Kuma looks great on clothing as well as on marketing collateral.

Stitching the design together

Stitching together a design is a cliche, but when creating a new fashion or clothing company logo, it has meaning, particularly in relation to the design process. This is because clothing company logos literally get stitched or embroidered onto fabrics, textiles, and other materials. Therefore, it is essential to take these processes into account, in addition to creating a stunning design.

This was the focus of our design team at White Rabbit when they were tasked with designing a logo for the fashion brand Kuma. Kuma specialises in upmarket linen clothing and accessories. The team at Kuma wanted a logo that would be memorable, and that would properly represent the brand.


Clothing company logo design

A bear, a rabbit, and a logo designer walk into a pub…

Kuma wanted a logo design that was clean, high-end, and modern to reflect the values of the brand. The starting point for our designers was the word Kuma. In Japanese, Kuma means bear, so the designers started creating an illustration of a bear.

However, this wasn’t just any illustration. Instead, it was the outline of a bear created with a single stroke of a pen, i.e., without the need to lift the pen off the page. It was an ingenious design that not only looked stylish and authentic but would also be effective when stitched onto fabrics. As with drawing the bear illustration, the stitching could be completed in one movement.

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The bear in the red logo

With the illustration of the bear created, our designers applied a striking shade of red to the bear to give it a strong visual impact. This applies whether stitched onto fabric, embroidered onto material, displayed on a computer screen, or printed on card. We also chose a sharp and strong font for the same reason, and we coloured it red to keep the design consistent.

It is essential that designers consider various types of media when designing logos to ensure maximum impact for brands.
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Getting it right with clothing company website design

A contrasting option was also created with a white bear illustration and text on a red background. This would give Kuma greater flexibility in the use of the new logo on their clothing, as well as on marketing collateral.

This project also involved an element of fashion website design, where we applied the new logo and colour scheme to the Kuma website. The eCommerce website design is clean and modern, and it features strong hero imagery to showcase the company’s products.

We also designed Kuma’s business cards, using the new logo and bear illustration as the main features of the design. We printed eco-friendly business cards to resonate with the brand’s values on ethical and sustainable fashion.

Eco friendly business cards

Clothing and apparel company logo design

If you are looking for a clothing line or online fashion store logo, get in touch with us at White Rabbit. We also have extensive experience creating other branding and marketing materials for fashion brands, including websites, business cards, and catalogues. Our designers will get deep into the ethos of your clothing brand to ensure you get a logo that is unique to your business and has maximum impact.

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