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Commercial interior design company Otra Forma asked us to create a new website that would promote its brand identity and showcase its recent projects. We created a minimalist design that is engaging and highlights the images of the interior spaces that Otra Forma has created for its clients.

Minimal and beautiful website design from our designer burrow

Otra Forma is a commercial interior design studio that works with companies in a range of industries. It creates modern and unique commercial spaces that are full of personality and character, taking an approach to interior design that celebrates the creative process.

It was important to emphasize this strong brand identity in Otra Forma’s new website. Our designers also wanted to make sure the company stood out from the competition with its new online presence. We achieved this using a minimalist approach to website design.


Minimal home page layout for an interior design company website

How to create the best interior design websites

Our designers understood from the start that the past projects sections would be the most important elements of Otra Forma’s new website. Therefore, we created all aspects of the website’s design to ensure the past projects are the centre of attention.

One of the ways we did this was by using plenty of white space in the design. The home page is another example, as it has a concise and focused blurb of text alongside an eye-catching image. This creates a clear focal point for website visitors and encourages them to find out more about the projects the company has worked on.

Services and projects displayed in a clean layout for an interior design website
We designed a modern menu with a three-line icon that animates into a full-screen menu that looks and works great on all devices.
Responsive mobile design of a full screen menu for an interior design company
Website design showing a portfolio project for an interior design company

Interior design company websites that engage visitors

Images are a crucial component of interior design company websites as they give visitors an indication of how amazing their spaces could look if they hired the designers. As a result, we made sure all the images used on Otra Forma’s website were as strong and striking as possible.

We also arranged the projects page to have a strong emphasis on the images, with minimal text or other distractions. This presents the work of Otra Forma in the best possible way.

Generous use of white space is not always the best approach in website design, but it can be highly effective, as shown with Otra Forma’s new site. If you would like to discuss a re-design of your website, get in touch with us at White Rabbit.

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