Adding extra brand flavour to this menu design

Woodside Cafe asked us to design a new menu ahead of the company's launch. We designed a trifold menu with an easy-to-read design, strong branding, and a minimal layout, despite the large amounts of information.

Creative menu design for this new cafe

The talented team behind Woodside Cafe is proud of the delicious food they create for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ahead of the cafe’s launch, we were asked to create a new menu design for all the fantastic food and drink options. We decided a trifold menu design would be the best approach.

To match the style and branding of the cafe, we used shades of green and yellow in the new menu, with clean typefaces chosen for both their appearance and because they make the menu easy to read.


Top view of an open trifold menu with creative design and layout
Open trifold size cafe menu placed on a pink canvas with creative design
There were a lot of items to include in the new menu, so we made the front cover minimalist with plenty of whitespace.
Front and back of a trifold collection menu for a new cafe
Open trifold standing against a wall with creative and green branding elements as part of a menu design

Green trifold menu design

The front cover of the menu draws attention to the logo while the rest of the panels focus on the descriptions of the menu options. The layout was carefully considered to ensure the menu was as easy to read as possible.

For the titles of each section, we used uppercase condensed typefaces, while a lightweight typeface was used for the food and its description. The green colour scheme matches the brand, the healthy options on its menu, and the focus of the company on business growth.

Trifold menu open and placed on a canvas highlighting a cafe menu and food items

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