A collection of stylish design ideas to create new business cards

The team at The Collection asked us to create new business cards that they could use in their escort agency. We created a matt black design printed on metal cards that were sophisticated, stylish, and simple. The weight and durability of the metal also help ensure the cards will be held onto.

A discreet design that is also classy and sophisticated

The Collection is a high-level escort agency providing reliable and discreet services to its clients. The team asked us to design new business cards that would make a great first impression, while also ensuring that impression would last long into the future. This would help with their goal of building long-term relationships with their clients.

Our NZ graphic designers focused on creating a business card that would be instantly recognised as being high-quality. It also had to be simple, memorable, and discreet. The matt black metal business cards that we created matched perfectly with the brand and delivered on the requirements of The Collection.


Sophisticated black metal business cards
We achieved a high level of stylish simplicity by using a contemporary typeface and bright white printing on deep black backgrounds.
Black metal stainless steel cards

Custom matt black stainless steel business cards to reflect the persona of your brand

Using stainless steel for the production of the business cards gave them not only a distinct look, but also a distinct feel. We also rounded the corners to enhance the effect even further. The overall result is minimalist while being stylish and simple while feeling solid and dependable when handed over.

The sans serif typeface also made the business cards functional, with the final impact being a card you would not quickly throw away or forget about. In other words, the cards make a great first impression while also encouraging recipients to keep them for future use and reference.

Black metal business cards in NZ

The benefits of matt black stainless-steel cards

Matt black cards made from stainless steel are suitable for various types of businesses, particularly those that want to make an impression that is sophisticated, elegant, classy, and prestigious. By using metal, you are giving your contact more than your competitors.

Going for a minimalist design can also be highly effective. By keeping the design elements to a minimum, you can prevent recipients of your business cards from being distracted, instead keeping them engaged with the clear details and subtle design effects that are included. In this design project, the partial underlining of the word “collection” is an example of a subtle design effect.

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