Flooring the competition with a new logo for leading tiling company

The team at Tile Talk Tiling asked us to create a new logo that would represent their company and set the brand apart from the competition. The unique design we created is strong and impactful, and it includes a logo mark the connects to the company name.

With this new logo, there is always something to smile tile about

Tiling specialist Tile Talk Tiling asked us to create a new logo for their brand. As with other projects, the starting point was to research tile company logo design to see what other companies were using. We found significant similarities in tiling logo design, so we set out to do something completely different.

Our goal was to make the new logo for Tile Talk Tiling stand out, and we achieved that with the design we created. That design was based on the “talk” element of the company name.

Logo construction made up of t letter and speech icon for a tiling company
yellow and white speech bubble logo design for a tiling company on a black background
yellow speech bubble logo design for a tiling company

Talking about tiles with a speech bubble logo

The company name for Tile Talk Tiling is friendly and portrays a company that offers open and helpful communication. This was a fantastic springboard for our designers to come up with the unique concept that would become the finished logo – a yellow speech bubble logo mark.

The speech bubble reflected the talk element of the name, with the yellow colouring matching the brand colour. We made the speech bubble a square shape to resemble a wall or floor tile, and we cut out a T in reference to the Ts in the company name. We then used a bold typeface for the logo’s words.

Tilers logomark constructed by a yellow speech mark and the letter T
The T in the logo mark is represented by negative space, creating a unique image that both makes an impact and stays in the memory.
Tilers email signature design displayed on an iPhone
One page flatwebsite design for a tiling business

Utilising the new logo design for this leading tile company

With the new logo designed, we created several other marketing assets for Tile Talk Tiling. This included a HTML email signature that featured strong branding and ensured there was consistency across the company when communicating with customers, suppliers, and others.

We also applied the new logo to Tile Talking Tiling’s website, and we created signage, corporate gifts, and other marketing and promotional items. If you are looking for logo design in NZ or any other creative services for your tile company, get in touch with us at White Rabbit to find out how we can help.

Speech bubble tile company logo on yellow and white mugs
Building displaying yellow and white speech bubble logo for a tiling company

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