Design services for a fertility supplement company

We used a broad range of our expertise to help this new fertility supplement company establish a brand identity. With the new branding, logo, and other materials, it is now instantly recognisable as a fertility support product while also representing the values of the company.

Understanding the ethos behind this new fertility supplement

Our team was going to be working closely with MyOsis to create a brand identity, so it was important to get a full understanding of the product, as well as the values of the company. There are many other fertility supplements available for the one-in-four New Zealanders who experience infertility, but none of them contain 100 percent natural ingredients. The founder of MyOsis wanted to change this by bringing a new product to the market.

Fertility logo design
Sperm and egg logo design
Logo for prenatal and fertility vitamins

Choosing a name that could be nurtured and helped to grow

Two new natural fertility supplements were produced, one for men and one for women. Both aim to optimise pre-conception health by addressing the physical and psychological impacts of infertility. Our first task was to come up with a name for the brand. We settled on a clever play on the word meiosis. It is the process that starts reproduction as cells divide into sperm and eggs. The fertility supplement brand MyOsis was born.

Poster design for fertility supplements showing duplicated text faded out

Getting straight to the point with sperm and egg logo design

Our designers wanted the new logo they were creating to clearly represent how the supplement supports pregnancy. So, they shaped the letters O and S to look like a sperm entering an egg. This is not only clear and eye-catching but also memorable, with the design of the logo helping to set MyOsis apart.

Fertility supplements web design with icons
Choosing the colours for the branding was an important part of the process, as we wanted to avoid the cliche of pink and blue to represent genders.
White and purple branded tote bag

Unique fertility logo design that avoids the stereotypes

In logo design, familiar and recognisable is good, but not when it drifts into cliche. So, instead of pink for females and blue for males, our designers chose beautiful pastel greens and yellows to distinguish between the male and female products, as well as other pastel colours to complete the brand. These colours are fresh, reassuring, and light, making them an ideal choice.

Applying the logo on the company’s marketing collateral

The finished logo was clever, welcoming, descriptive, and easy to remember, so it was the perfect starting point to developing other marketing materials. This includes point of sale material and packaging. With fertility supplements, it is important to establish a connection with customers while also getting across important sales and nutritional information.

Custom footpath sign design in NZ
Purple 3D letter signage on white building

Standing out with dietary supplement packaging

The packaging we created for MyOsis represents the values of the brand, including the fact the supplements use natural ingredients. We also got these key messages across in the new website we created. The design and content of the website attract the attention of visitors by demonstrating that MyOsis understands the issue of infertility and its effects.

Custom pull up banners in NZ

Bringing up a brand to help it achieve its full potential

Other marketing materials and elements that we created for MyOsis include business cards and pull-up banners. Each carried the colour scheme, imagery, and logos, ensuring consistency across all customer touchpoints. At White Rabbit, we can also help you if you are looking for a nutritional supplement logo, packaging, or web design company, so please get in touch.

Business cards for natural supplement company

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