Developing an engaging web design for a growing Auckland business

To activate Aqualight's brand online and reach new and potential customers, we designed and developed an informative responsive website so that they could engage with Auckland residents. Complete with striking galleries to showcase their portfolio of work.

Auckland web design that delivers superior results

Equipped with our fresh, creative and engaging web design, Auckland companies are ready to launch, grow and stand out in their market. Just like the site we created for Aqualight.

Their website is usually the first thing new customers come in contact with before purchasing their services. So, we made sure that we clearly communicated the benefits they offer while introducing a great deal of visual appeal to make their experience more engaging.

We emphasised their extensive portfolio and capabilities. To help them gain more leads we created bold and unapologetic calls to action.


Web design in Auckland
Responsive web design in Auckland

Auckland web design that delivers superior results

Aqualight came to White Rabbit to work on a new web design that positions them well for continued growth in the Auckland market. Their existing web experience was incredibly outdated and cumbersome and it did not represent their outstanding quality of service that they offer.

We set out to craft a website that would not only showcase the Aqualight brand and services, but would increase leads and hold its own against some of the bigger players in the industry.

Company web design in Auckland
With high resolution imagery and convenient features for new visitors, our web design encourages new quote requests, while building them a stronger reputation across Auckland.
Web design in Auckland, NZ
Responsive web designer in Auckland

Website maintenance made easy

The key to success for any website is having a simple way for its owners to structure and manage the content. After collaborating with Aqualight on a suitable strategy, we deviseda straight forward backend for them to make any changes on. We set them up with simple templates to ensure consistency across the board.

Behind-the-scenes, the powerful CMS handles any edits they are likely to need to carry out. Adding new gallery images, updating contact details or pushing out new articles can all be managed with ease.

When working with Creative Agencies it’s important to find one that will make your life easier too. We passionate about making your job of editing your website a little bit easier.

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