Going all OMG for FMG with this presentation design project

Insurance company FMG needed a new presentation design, but this would be one with a difference. It was for a staff event, so our designers created a playful and fun design based on the quiz show 7 Days that also kept a connection to FMG branding.

The following presentation is for FMG only and contains…

As FMG is an insurance company, its branding is highly professional to build trust and confidence with customers. This style is to be expected, but they needed something completely different for a staff event they were planning. That staff event was to include a quiz, and FMG needed a PowerPoint presentation to run it.

The starting point for the design was re-imaging the logo. The quiz the company was planning to run at the staff event was going to be based on the popular NZ quiz show 7 Days. So, we based the re-worked logo on the show’s logo, turning it into FMG Days. We kept the existing logo’s colour palette to ensure a connection with the brand.


Conference logo construction for a presentation
Logo redesign for a business conference presentation

Getting to the PowerPoint with a light-hearted design

Most business PowerPoint presentation design services and projects involve the creation of formal and serious business documents. This one was different, and our design rabbits relished the opportunity to create something that was a change of pace for one of New Zealand’s best-known insurance brands.

The design we created kept with the 7 Days theme of the quiz, with a light grid overlay on each screen of the presentation. This added to the comical effect, as did the light-hearted illustrations and generous use of bold colours both for the imagery and to separate the various sections of the quiz.

Conference presentation design with a green screen and clean text on top
The presentation we created for the FMG staff event had a much bolder design than the company would normally use, but it fitted the occasion.
Colourful icons displayed on a white screen for a powerpoint design
Professional looking text on a blue background for a business conference presentation

Professional PowerPoint presentation design in Auckland

Even though the presentation we were creating had to have a playful appearance to match the style and tone of the staff event, it still had to be functional and professional. The last thing we wanted was for the presentation to fail because of layout or another technical issue.

Our designers used their extensive knowledge and expertise of PowerPoint as they created the design, taking into consideration the different screen sizes the presentation would be displayed on. The final design we created ensured the seamless running of the presentation.

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