The future is bright with our colourful education logo

Office signage with D C letters for an education company

Pitching a new colourful tent for learning

DC Education, a leading education company specialising in professional learning and development for teachers, schools, and communities, approached us for a logo refresh to elevate their brand image as they expanded into larger industries. Their existing education logo was colourful but dated, and we aimed to maintain the playful essence while transforming it into a modern and professional look.

Our design agency simplified the original tent logo design from the old look into a geometric and minimalistic shape, while retaining its energetic feel. We kept the vibrant colours to evoke excitement and playfulness and incorporated bold black initials “DC” in a modern typeface for a professional touch. The resulting colourful tent logo strikes the perfect balance between playfulness and professionalism, reflecting DC Education’s dynamic approach to education while conveying credibility and modernity for their expanded market presence.



Old logo with a circus design


Colourful logo design for an education organisation
Colourful logo design for an education organisation on a black background
Colourful logo refresh for an education organisation
Blue banner stand promoting an education company
Black notebook with an education logo printed on top
Website hero of an inspiring education website to provide teachers with resources
Tent logomark that looks colourful designed for an education company
Car displaying a colourful logo for an education company

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