Dialling our design skills up to maxi-MUM to develop new packaging

The team at Milkbar Maternity and Breastfeeding asked us to create new packaging for their flagship breast pump product. We created feminine illustrations for the product packaging, with a design that would stand out, resonate with customers, and get attention when displayed in a shop.

Using the rule of mum rather than the rule of thumb for this branding and packaging project

Milkbar Maternity and Breastfeeding is an innovative New Zealand company that offers popular breast pumps to new mums across the country. It also sells other products, as well as providing helpful resources, so it is a trusted brand. The team were searching for graphic design companies to create a new design for the packaging of its breast pump.

The design had to appeal directly to mums as well as to healthcare providers as the breast pump is bought by individuals, and it is hospital grade. The design we developed makes an emotional connection with mums through the sophistication and trustworthiness of the design, while also having a professional appearance with clear and succinct information aimed specifically at customers purchasing for clinical settings.

Front and side packaging for a maternity and breast feeding company

Beautiful breast pump packaging design that makes a connection

The illustrations we created are central to the overall appearance of the new packaging. Those illustrations include a main image of a mum holding her baby, while there are others that highlight key features and benefits of the product and that show how it works.

Shades of the company’s primary pink colour were then used throughout the illustrated packaging design. This created a relaxing and comforting look that is both appealing and reassuring. Some of the text on the packaging used a contrasting blue colour instead of the pink shade, producing an eye-catching visual while maintaining softness in the design.

Creative packaging design for a breast pump product
The packaging for this breast pump contains a lot of information, so we used a simple and clean layout to prevent the content from becoming overwhelming.
Mother feeding her baby in a modern flat illustration design style

Specialised brand packaging services in NZ

As with all packaging design projects, the font was also a crucial part of the design. We chose an elegant sans serif font that was trustworthy and easy to read, in addition to a hand-written script typeface that added a personal touch to the design. The size of the typeface was also important. We made sure the text on the packaging would be legible when displayed on a shop shelf.

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Minimalistic illustration for breast pump
Custom blue and pink illustrations for breast pump parts

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