Logo design for the new kid on the baby products block

Start-up baby products retailer Kuby asked us to design a logo for their new brand as well as packaging and other design elements. The logo and branding we created reflect the passion of the team while also appealing to the target audience – parents of babies and young children.

A new logo stuffed with branding and marketing potential

Kuby is a start-up retailer that specialises in baby products and products for young children. This includes bottles, lunch boxes, hats, and much more. The team is passionate about providing their customers with products that are high quality, innovative, unique, colourful, safe, and fun.

Kuby were after some highly skilled NZ graphic designers to design a new logo for the brand as well as brand guidelines, packaging for the company’s products, and other marketing materials. Our designers started by getting the logo sorted, stuffing it full of creativity.

pink background with a purple negative space bear logo
The overall concept for the logo was to use round, symmetrical elements to create branding that is soft, comforting, and trustworthy.

Cute bear logo design for baby products retailer

Our team developed a design for the logo mark that resembles a teddy bear. We used negative space to create the image of the bear while also adding a heart shape to enhance the warmth and friendliness of the design. Not only does this logo perfectly reflect Kuby’s values, but it’s also a prime example of the type of standout logo design NZ companies come to us for.

For the company name, we used a typeface that features playful edges and creative elements. The typeface also uses thick lines to add balance to the overall logo given the shortness of the Kuby company name. The result is an attractive logo that will appeal to Kuby’s customers.

Negative space bear heart logo on a purple background
Playful colour palette for a negative space logo
Sketches of the construction process of a bear heart negative logo
Blue bear heart logo formed with negative space

Packaging design for baby products

The colour palette we selected is essential to the overall brand image as the colours would feature across a range of materials and media, including packaging for the company’s products. We settled on a pastel colour palette that was inspired by macaroons and presents a vibrant and colourful brand image. We then used this colour palette to create a range of different logo colour variations for Kuby to use.

We also developed packaging for Kuby’s main products, including its flagship Little Monster baby bottle. The design we created for this product has a fun space theme with simple line illustrations designed with child-like playfulness.

To help Kuby as it grows and develops, we also produced brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all interaction points it has with its customers.

Open booklet spread of branding guidelines for a negative space bear logo
Front cover of branding guidelines for a cute bear logo
Custom packaging design for a baby drink bottle designed and viewed from front and side angle
Colour palette variation for a negative space logo
Playful wordmark for a baby toy brand
Cushion with shadows with a playful logo of a negative space bear

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