No shop 'til we drop with this TV/shopping design project

My Eco Markets is a big concept that needed a logo and brand image that would resonate with people here in New Zealand and around the world. It was an interesting project where our designers created a unique, on-message logo, in addition to business cards, signage, and other marketing materials.

Hopping through the design process to help create eco-friendly shopping

Every now and then a project comes up that is completely different from any other. This was one of them. It was for Eco Markets, a company that was developing a new shopping centre with a difference – it would be New Zealand’s first-ever zero-waste mall. It was also creating this mall using an unusual process – a 13-part competitive reality TV show.

The show would involve contestants building and operating their own zero waste retail store within the new mall. That mall would be built in a large, empty warehouse using reclaimed and eco-friendly materials. The team behind the concept came to us to create various marketing assets, including a new logo. For professional and unique graphic design NZ TV shows and shopping malls can rely on White Rabbit.

TV show logos
White and red reality tv show logo design on dark background

Eco-friendly shopping mall and reality TV show logo design

There were a lot of elements to this project, but it was one that our designers were passionate about working on. The logo was the central component. It had to be recognisable as a zero-waste brand while also being creative and memorable. It also had to work on various media, from TV to online to physical signage in the mall.

Custom black t-shirt printing in Auckland
Eco friendly logo design on t shirt

Designing a hopping great and eco-friendly shopping centre logo

The concept we developed for the new logo featured a logo mark that was an illustration of a retail store. To connect this with the green part of the initiative, we used the shape of a leaf to create the store’s front door. This subtle but clever feature helps the logo design connect with everyone involved with the concept, from television show viewers to contestants to others working and taking part.

Logo design for a reality tv show shown on an on demand home screen

Designing eco-friendly logos that are as cute as bunnies

The logo mark illustration we created for this logo had rounded corners to present a soft, caring, and warm image. We then combined this with a handwritten slab serif-style typeface to enhance the friendliness of the logo’s appearance, while also adding charm and character. This matched perfectly with the charismatic people involved in the project.

As for the colour scheme, we used a dark navy blue for the name to demonstrate a clear sense of purpose. For the logo mark, we used a contrasting red to show the warmth and energy of those involved, and to point towards a brighter future for everyone as a result of initiatives like this one.

Round eco shopping mall logo design
Eco friendly brown kraft shopping bags with circle white sticker
The overall design of the logo has an informal, back-to-basics, back-to-nature feel while still being strong, energised, and committed.
Eco friendly logo design for a mall on a footpath sign
Logo design for a green mall on black tin barrel

Showcasing the new sustainable mall logo design on various marketing assets

With the logo complete, we used it to design a range of additional marketing assets for My Eco Markets. This included signage for the mall environment, packaging, tote bags, business cards, and more. If you have an eco-friendly brand and you need logo design services or new marketing materials, contact us at White Rabbit today.

Sustainable mall logo design on canvas tote bag

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