Breath of fresh design for Aeroqual's blue-tiful brochure

Open bifold showing information on an air monitor product

We took a deep breath of innovation to design this new brochure

Aeroqual, a leading provider of integrated, real-time air quality monitoring systems, partnered with our NZ graphic design firm to create a visually stunning blue and white bifold brochure that highlights their cutting-edge air quality monitoring software. Our approach to designing the brochure was high-tech and professional, perfectly reflecting the innovative nature of Aeroqual’s business. To begin, we gathered and arranged their content to ensure that the information was organised in a logical and easy-to-follow manner. We utilised rounded corner shapes to separate the content, not only for aesthetic appeal but also as a recognisable brand element for the audience. To further enhance the tech brochure design, we added a touch of blue gradient to certain elements, lending a sense of dynamic movement to the layout. Additionally, we designed custom icons to visually showcase the software process, adding a sleek and polished feel to the overall design.

Typography played a crucial role in the tech brochure design, with clean and modern font styles chosen to ensure that the information flowed seamlessly and was easily readable. The combination of visually appealing graphics, custom icons, and clean typography created a visually engaging and informative brochure that effectively showcased Aeroqual’s advanced air quality monitoring software.


Bifold of a tech brochure with modern design
Cover and back cover of a brochure with blue gradient throughout the design
Design of a brochure displaying information about a tech product

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