Capitalising on our logo design skills in this project

In this project for Capital Government Relations, we designed a wordmark logo before applying the new branding to stationery, brochures, and the company's website, ensuring a consistent, trust-evoking message.

Designing a refined and professional government communications logo

Capital Government Relations is a public affairs agency offering government relations, strategic communications, and campaigns advice. It works with high-end clients and is frequently involved in communicating key messages to people in government and public sector organisations. The company also plays a key role in protecting corporate reputations and is regularly entrusted with sensitive information worth millions of dollars.

With this understanding of its audience, we set about designing a sophisticated and premium logo that would embody Capital’s corporate culture, trustworthiness, and discretion.

Sophisticated design of a wordmark logo for a government relations company
Large building signage displaying a public affairs wordmark logo
The logo we created uses simple, modern typography to demonstrate confidence at the highest levels of the corporate and government sectors.
Stacks of booklet covers showing lots of white space for a government relations company
Open spread of branding guidelines consisting of typography and colours
Landscape booklet shown open with pages of text and monotone images for a government relations agency

Apply the new wordmark logo on all brand assets

To design the wordmark element of the new logo, our NZ design agency added a cut to the letter “i”, creating an abstract arrow effect that is a nod to Capital’s ability to navigate at the highest levels of government and the corporate world. We then applied this logo to letterheads, business cards, and other branding materials.

Business cards placed on a light blue canvas displaying corporate details and a wordmark logo

Subtle but effective public affairs company logo and branding

The black and white tone of the government logo design provided our designers with the perfect foundation to design the other branding materials that were part of this project. On the letterheads, we also added a light blue bar at the top to create a memorable motif for the brand.

We carried this light blue effect through to other design elements, including Capital’s credentials booklet. We also applied a duotone treatment to the images in the booklet to give the visuals and text equal importance, and we let the whitespace breathe to ensure each page was clutter-free.

Wordmark logo placed on business cards and letterhead
Website design shown on an ipad and iphone for a government communications company

Applying the new corporate logo to the company’s website

Capital’s digital assets also needed updating to reflect the new logo and branding that we created. We added the logo to the homepage and menu bar using a white background to enhance the impact. We also applied the light blue colour used on the letterhead to bring attention to the rebrand.

Updating Capital’s PowerPoint presentations with the new branding was also part of this project, and we presented the company with branding guidelines to ensure brand consistency in the future.

iMac displaying the contact page of public affairs website consisting of images and blue and white palette
iMac displaying the contact page of public affairs website consisting of images and blue and white palette

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