Serving it up with our blend-tastic menu design

An open menu displaying the front and back cover with food items for a bar

A fusion of colour and flavour on Blend Bar and Bistro’s business cards and menus

Blend Bar and Bistro prides itself on providing an eclectic and diverse culinary experience by blending flavours and techniques from various cultures. To showcase this unique blend, they approached us to design their business cards and menus that accurately reflect this nature and showcase to customers. Our design agency took on the challenge and crafted colourful bistro business cards and creative menu designs that are both visually appealing and functional.

To capture the essence of Blend Bar and Bistro, we applied bright colours and a modern layout to give the bistro menu design an energetic and vibrant feel. To further enhance the design, we incorporated line icons that add a touch of playfulness while providing a visual representation of the dishes. The handwritten title treatments also create a fun and approachable brand presence that perfectly matches the restaurant’s ambience. The fun bifold menu layout is easy to read and navigate, making it seamless for customers to choose from the diverse selection of dishes. Our design successfully showcases the fusion of different cultures and flavours, making it clear that Blend Bar and Bistro is a unique dining experience that should not be missed.

Bright menu bifold opened up showing food and drink items for a bar in a playful design
Front cover of a colourful main menu design on an angle
Pile of green business cards with food icons for a bar
Colourful design of a business card for a bar and bistro

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