Putting together the pieces of this marketing puzzle

Specialist recruitment consultancy Placement Co asked us to develop a new logo that would represent their approach to helping companies find the right talent. As well as designing a logo with a puzzle piece theme, we also produced an email signature and website.

Talented rabbits designing a logo for talent experts

The team at Placement Co was on the hunt for a company dedicated to quality logo design in NZ. Fortunately, we were privileged to seize this opportunity. Our design agency wanted to represent the values of the brand and the approach the company takes when helping organisations identify and recruit new employees. Specifically, their team go further than simply filling jobs, instead building meaningful networks of people that, in turn, develop long-lasting careers.

After brainstorming ideas, we decided a puzzle piece would be the perfect logomark to reflect The Placement Co approach when finding the right fit for both companies and candidates alike.

Orange and black branding for a recruitment company
Building signage design with a puzzle logo representing a recruitment agency
Mugs stacked on top of each other showcasing an orange recruitment logo

Negative space puzzle logo

We didn’t just create a standard puzzle piece for the logomark, instead using negative space to create the appearance of a person. This shape of a person reflects the people the company helps as well as the services they provide to support companies in their search for the right talent. We used a sans serif typeface for the company name, and orange for the logomark image as orange portrays positivity, creativity, and approachability.

Puzzle logo with negative space applied

Using the new recruitment logo to design an email signature

We then used the new puzzle-shape logo to create additional marketing and branding materials for The Placement Co, including signs for the office and an email signature. The email signature is crisp and clear to present the essential contact information while staying within the style of the new logo.

Office sign of a logo which looks like a puzzle piece with negative space applied
Email signature design for a recruitment company

Recruitment branding with a new one-page website

Our team of experts in one-page website design in Auckland then developed a new website for The Placement Co to highlight the professionalism of the company and the services it provides. We used a one-page design with a sticky sidebar that makes the site ultra-simple to navigate. The black, white, and orange palette, meanwhile, presents a vibrant, modern, and clean appearance.

One page website design for a recruitment company
iPad displaying a contact form for a recruitment company
iPhone displaying a recruitment website featuring a puzzle logo
Recruitment website with orange tones displayed on a laptop

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