One page website design for this social services provider in Rotorua

Maatua Whāngai asked us to create a simple and contemporary one-page website to explain who they are and outline the main services they provide. We created a modern and effective design with a deep green and white colour palette that looks great, is easy to use, and has easy-to-find information.

Web design for Maori social service provider in Rotorua, NZ

Maatua Whangai provides social services to people in the rohe of Te Arawa. It has a visible presence in the local region, working with a range of individuals, families, and groups. It also regularly appears in the media discussing the social issues that are important in the communities they serve.

The team at Maatua Whangai approached us to design a new website, with a brief that included making the website modern but clean with clear information that succinctly explains the services the organisation provides. The team also wanted the new website to reflect their values, enhance the visibility of their brand, and clearly present who they are and what they do.


Best one page website design in NZ
To produce an easy-to-use structure for the website, we created a one-page design with smooth scrolling and links to jump to specific sections.
Professional single page scrolling website on an iPad

Designing a user-friendly single page scrolling website

We based the colour palette for the new website on Maatua Whangai’s brand colours, which are deep green and white. The two contrasting colours helped to break up the various sections of the scrolling, single page, making the content easier to read. To lift the most important messages, we positioned hero elements with white backgrounds over the top of green sections.

We also added images that would appeal to the family-focused target demographic for the website, further lifting the design and making it more appealing to visitors. A subtle animation effect was added to some of these images to further draw visitors into the site and engage them with the content.

One page website design in Rotorua, NZ

Experts in informative social services website design

As presenting the services that Maatua Whangai was a key part of this project, the appearance of the text was crucial to the design. We used a contemporary typeface to make the text easy to read on all devices, whether it was deep green text on a white background or white text on the deep green background.

We also added icons to further connect the text on the page with the message that was being put across. The result is a one-page website built using WordPress that has an emotive presence and connects with visitors, as well as highlighting the range of services offered by Maatua Whangai.

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