Livestock and agricultural logo design that stands out from the herd

When Glen Lane Livestock asked us to design a new logo, our designers wanted to create a unique illustration that fitted in with the agricultural industry but was also unique and modern. The design we developed is a silhouette that represents the two main types of animals that this company trades in.

The one where the White Rabbit meets the cow and sheep

Glen Lane Livestock is heavily involved in the farming industry, investing in livestock in addition to other activities. The company asked us to create a modern graphic logo design that represented their values as a company with visuals that clearly demonstrated involvement in agriculture. It is a company proud of its roots, and it wanted a strong logo to match its reputation.

Our Auckland design agency decided that creating an image of a cow and a sheep would be the right approach, but they want to put a unique twist on the design to make it stand out and get attention. The solution was to create a silhouette.


Red and white negative space logo design for a livestock company

Udderly avoiding cliches to create a unique livestock logo

The cow and sheep logo design that we created used negative space to give it character and a contemporary appearance. The red part of the design resembles a cow, while the negative space looks like the head of a sheep. The design takes up minimal space, and it has a striking minimalist appearance.

The main colour we used was red. This provides a fantastic contrast to the negative space and other elements in the logo’s design. The Glen Lane part of the logo was also coloured red, with the word Livestock printed in black. Both the red and black colours that we used fit in well in the livestock industry.

Black and red embroidered caps
Cow and sheep business card design
The logo mark we designed draws people in, gets them to notice the cow-sheep image, and resonates with the farming community.
Red and white branded stationery design
Logo for livestock business, seen on an email signature design on a mobile

Getting the balance right when creating a modern farm logo

The typeface our designers selected is also a key feature of this logo. It is a slab typeface, so it is characterised by its thick and block-like design. We also used large lettering for the main part of the company name and a complementary typeface for the black part of the logo.

This choice of typefaces matched the character and ethos of Glen Lane Livestock, and it fitted in well with the cow and sheep silhouette that we created. It also creates an effective bridge between the traditional – which is important in the farming industry – and the modern.

The slab typeface is the connection with the traditional as it balances the other more modern elements of this farm industry logo.

Raising the standard with expert farm branding design

The new logo that we created for Glen Lane Livestock was then applied across its printed and marketing materials. This includes stationery, where the use of the sheep and cow image made an especially powerful impact on the business cards, address labels, and envelope designs that we created. The new logo was also applied to the company’s digital assets, such as email signatures.

Custom made white and red address label on cardboard box
Address label design on a black box for a logistics company

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