Empowered bunnies getting creative for safety consultants

Health, safety, and wellbeing consultancy Empower Safety Consultants asked us to design a new logo and business cards. The creative design we developed represents the company's ethos – empowering workforces.

Empowering safety consultant logo and branding

Empower Safety Consultants operates in high-risk workplace environments providing health, safety, and wellbeing consultancy services. The company asked us to develop a new logo that was edgy, energetic, and trustworthy. It also wanted the logo to reflect the company’s passion for empowering workforces.

Our graphic designers started with the “empower” portion of the company name, applying a bold and clean typeface that makes an impact. We then added balance by applying a lighter typeface to the “safety consultants” element of the company name that also ensures the focus remains on the word empower.

Logo design with a tick icon and bold blue and green typography
Safety logo design made up of an abstract tick icon and text

Tick symbols are commonly used in logo designs, so our designers worked hard to develop a unique and innovative interpretation of a tick.

Office wall with a custom built signage of a logo with a tick as a main element

Using the new tick logo design

The unique tick symbol that we designed was added on top of the word “empower”, connecting the overall design of the logo to the health and safety industry. The resulting impact is also reassuring and reflects the empowering nature of the brand.

For the colour palette, we selected bright and vibrant turquoise green and navy colours.

Stacks of business cards placed in angles displaying the design of business cards for a consultant company with a tick logo

Safety consultant business card design

Our design agency then got to work designing the new business cards, with a design that is sleek, modern, professional, and trust inspiring. The navy background on one side of the business cards with a white background on the other adds an impressive contrasting feature.

We also utilised the unique tick symbol as a divider between the telephone number and email address printed on the cards.

Floating stack of business cards showcasing branding for a safety consultant

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