Logo design that's into the strata-sphere

The team behind Strata for ABM wanted a new logo that would stand out from typical designs in what is a conservative part of the software industry. We created an attention-grabbing logo design in addition to new brand guidelines.

Modern green accounting software logo design

Strata is a cloud application that allows users of Advanced Business Manager to access their accounts in the cloud using any device. In other words, it is a high-tech and innovative company operating in the accounting industry. The reserved nature of the accounting industry meant much of Strata’s competitors had simple, type-based logos.

Strata wanted to do something different. They wanted a logo that would stand out from the competition and highlight the progressive approach of the company and the tools it provides. They came to us at White Rabbit to create this new logo design.


Logo design for an accounting software programme
Green and white logo for an accountant placed on a black background

Software branding that gets the attention of NZ accountants

Our Auckland design agency took inspiration from the chevron pattern when designing a new logo mark for Strata. They utilised the S in the company’s name, adding arrow-like elements to demonstrate moving into the future, while the green gradient represents growth and continuous advancement.

Green gradient logo mark in a modern design
Branding guidelines for a software business in nz
Branding guidelines in the form of a booklet placed on a canvas for a software company

Creating accountant software branding guidelines

To finish off the logo, we used a bold and innovative-looking typeface for the company name. The new logo then provided a basis for the brand guidelines that we developed for Strata. This guidance covered everything from the correct use of the logo to font sizes and colours.

When applied across a range of placements and marketing materials, the new logo and branding stand out as being futuristic and innovative.

Laptop screen on an office desk displaying a branded loading screen for an accountant using software
Software logo printed on stickers placed on a macbook

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