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Insurance broker Centastone asked us to design a new website that would represent their values as a company. The website we designed establishes trust and makes a connection with customers, in addition to clearly explaining the various services and products that the company offers.

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The best insurance agency websites do more than simply explain the services that are available. They also demonstrate the company is trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable. These values and characteristics have to come through in the design, as well as the text.

Our Auckland web design company had these objectives at the forefront of their minds when creating a new website for Centastone. Centastone is an insurance broker, and the team wanted a new website that showed they were reliable and professional. It also had to be easy to use on all devices while being heavily customer-focused to help establish a relationship and build up a rapport.


Modern minimal insurance company website design
We kept the user interface, structure, and navigation simple, clean, and intuitive in the design we created for this insurance website
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While some people look for insurance products and brokers on a computer, many will also use phones and other mobile devices. Therefore, it is important in insurance company website design to ensure everything works and looks great on small screens. The green, grey, and white colour scheme we selected for Centastone, in addition to the layout of each page, works just as well when stacked on a small screen as it does on larger screens.

The text is clear and easy to read, too, particularly the key sales messages. The typeface our designers selected was Balerno. It has both traditional and modern characteristics, making it ideal for a range of applications, including for companies that want to present a modern outlook based on traditional values. We also used a green colour palette in the design, including to highlight text. Green was the perfect choice because of its associations with tranquility, prosperity, and health. The overall appearance is one of professionalism, giving visitors confidence in the Centastone offering.

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Connecting with people and building rapport through website design for insurance brokers

One of the reasons for Centastone’s success is that it is very customer-focused and it prioritises people. After all, insurance products are not as much about policies, exclusions, and excess levels as they are about individuals and families. Therefore, it was important the new website we were designing for Centastone also had a focus on people.

We did this by using strong and vibrant images that included people in everyday situations. This helps to appeal to website visitors and demonstrates that this broker understands their requirements.

Our design agency in New Zealand kept the navigation of the website simple to make it easy for visitors to find the right information, products, or services. We did this by developing an intuitive, uncomplicated, and highly effective layout.

Green and white website design for insurance brokers

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