Promoting life skills for lasting impact through design

Pull up banners with a bright design for promotional programs

Designing not for profit pull up banner and flyer design for a bright future

Take 2 is a pioneering organisation that aims to break the cycles of crime and intergenerational poverty. Their innovative approach involves teaching their students advanced technology and life skills, while providing support throughout their reintegration journey upon release. When they approached us to design not for profit pull-up banners and flyers to promote their programs, we understood the importance of the design. It had visually appealing and legible from a distance with an inviting look. Our team strategically used their brand colours as background treatments and to highlight key words, ensuring that the text and imagery would capture attention and generate interest. We applied a unique timeline treatment to one of the banners so information would flow easily.

After successfully producing the promotional pull up banner design, we were tasked with resizing the same visual to create flyers that would be distributed to a wider audience. This required careful consideration of the layout and content to ensure that the flyer remained visually appealing and effectively conveyed the message of Take 2’s mission. Our Auckland based design agency configured the timeline banner design to fit the dimensions of the A5 flyer, while ensuring that the key elements were maintained.

Timeline banner design with pink and blue elements for a not for profit organisation
Pull up banner design with pink and blue elements for a not for profit organisation
Design on a flyer featuring a pink timeline treatment
Flyer lying on a brick featuring program services for a not for profit company

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