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The team at StraightUp asked us to develop a clever and modern logo that represented the key values of their brand. Our designers used their creativity to create a logo that was innovative and that represented the trust and strengthened relationships that StraightUp's software helps to nurture.

Hopping straight to it for StraightUp

StraightUp is a new online solution that helps businesses get better feedback from employees, customers, and other stakeholders. It does this by making the feedback process completely anonymous, giving respondents confidence to be honest about their views, ideas, and experiences. This approach to feedback ensures companies get better and more accurate information.

Our designers were excited to work with this innovative company. They had been searching for an equally innovative graphic designer NZ wide to launch their new brand. They were also passionate about delivering on the brief to make the logo clever and modern. The unique logo design that we developed was inspired by the trust-building features of StraightUp’s software solution.

S letter logo design
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An S logo with a difference

Like other logos, the logo we created for StraightUp had to grab attention and be memorable. Our designers started by experimenting with various designs that used the initials of the company to make an S and U letter logo.

Our design agency went through many iterations, shaping and styling the S and U in different ways to highlight each letter and create a captivating design. We then took the design to a level above other company logos beginning with S to ensure the logo would resonate with StraightUp’s customers.

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Our designers spend time getting to understand the ethos and values of our customers, integrating them into the logos we design.
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Getting straight to the point with logo design

The ethos behind the StraightUp philosophy is to create an environment of trust, where individuals can express their thoughts and ideas freely and without pressure. Our designers wanted to portray this in the logo they created for StraightUp in addition to making the design unique and interesting.

The final design achieved the objective, as the shapes intertwine to not only create the initials S and U, but also to represent the relationship and trust that StraightUp’s solution establishes between users. It wasn’t just about the shapes, either, as the different shades of blue used as the primary colours of the logo further strengthened the effect.

Project, customer, and employee feedback software holds a unique position in the market, so the uniqueness of the logo we created is a strength too.

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Clear and straight branding for StraightUp

It was also important to have consistency on the website with the design of the new logo to ensure maximum impact for StraightUp’s project and employ feedback tool for conducting anonymous and meaningful surveys. So, after finalising the logo, our designers translated the colour pallet to the website to achieve the required brand consistency.

We also developed a range of captivating illustrations to accompany the new logo. Each branded company illustration was designed in a way to convey StraightUp’s message.

Throughout the project, our designers drew on their extensive experience in company branding and logo design, we well as their creativity to deliver on the client’s requirements. Whatever industry you are in and whatever message you want your branding to portray, our design agency in NZ can deliver.

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