Performing a successful logo design hop-eration

Kāpiti Day Hospital asked our team to create a new logo that reflected its ethos when providing healthcare to the local community. We designed a logo that is professional, positive, and caring.

Creative hospital branding and logo design

Kāpiti Day Hospital serves the Kāpiti community, ensuring high-quality healthcare services are readily accessible. They asked us to design a new logo that would represent the hospital and what it stood for, including conveying its mission as a leading local healthcare provider.

Our design agency in NZ started by exploring various typefaces and layouts for the name that would look both modern and professional. We also selected a combination of dark and light blue/grey tones for the colours of the Kāpiti Day Hospital name.


Logo design completed for a hospital featuring blue and yellow elements
Blue and yellow logo design for a hospital featuring a curved line to resemble the region

Blue and yellow logo design

We also wanted to add brightness and positivity to the logo, taking inspiration from the sunny and warm weather of the Kāpiti region. We achieved this with an arch motif that represents the sun, with the yellow colour of the arch adding a sense of happiness to the logo.

Staff tag design for a hospital featuring a curved yellow line
Branding featuring a modern hospital logo on a white card on brand coloured background
The design of the new logo for Kāpiti Day Hospital, from the small caps lettering of the word Kāpiti to the bright arch, is welcoming for visitors as they enter the building.
Blue notebook with a logo design for a hospital placed on top

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