Cooking up a restaurant menu design that satisfies

Viet Kitchen offer traditional Vietnamese dishes with fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients. Before they even opened their doors, they came to us to create a restaurant menu design worthy of their exquisite cuisine.

Mouth watering menu design for a new restaurant

Viet Kitchen was preparing to introduce its authentic Vietnamese cuisine and therefore needed a high-quality menu design in Auckland.

They got in touch with our graphic design company to create their restaurant menu design. Being big fans of both design and Vietnamese food, we jumped at the chance to work on this with them.

One of the most important considerations of a restaurant is the menu design. It’s important that it’s well organised and easily scannable for customers. We worked with Viet Kitchen to ensure their new menu achieved these things and also reflected their brand in the right light.


Restaurant menu design in NZ

Creating a pho-bulous restaurant menu design

We created some custom icons for the brand that illustrate some of the most common Vietnamese dishes.

The icons are used as a compelling visual aid across the restaurant menu design as a pattern and as a device to frame the text layout. The icons also help to express the rhythm and flavour of the brand and to support the slightly playful tone of voice our client was after.

The sophisticated, contrasting black and white colour palette, clean typography and custom icon suite all come together to create a unique menu design for their restaurant. It grabs attention and provides a recognisable look to the brand itself.

A perfect balance between refined sophistication and playful freshness, an elegant black and white colour palette and custom illustrations bring this restaurant's menu design to life.
Restaurant menu design in Auckland

Menu printing that enhances the dining experience

Once we had locked in the restaurant’s final menu design, we moved onto sourcing beautiful paper stocks for Viet Kitchen. We printed their restaurant menus on a high quality thick card with a double matt lamination to add extra durability and protect the menu from the occasional spill.

The look and feel of Viet Kitchen’s menu sets the stage for an awesome culinary experience. With deep, rich blacks and a silky smooth finish, their restaurant menu print quality is sure to tantalise their customers taste buds before their meal has even appeared at their table.

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