Highlighting the differential with eye-catching auto engineering logo design

HBI Engineering asked us to create a new logo for their automotive engineering brand. Our designers created a wordmark logo that is not only eye-catching, but also represents the company and what they do.

Re-fur-bing the logo design of this vehicle reconditioning specialist

HBI Engineering specialises in the reconditioning of vehicles, from fur-raris and other non-rabbit supercars to classic vehicles to trucks. They asked us to design a new logo for their well-established brand. They wanted the logo to reflect the engineering process and represent what they do.

Our designers started developing concepts for a wordmark logo using the HBI element of the company name. This involved researching the shapes that we could weave into the initials that would reflect the automotive engineering persona of the company. We had to do this while ensuring the three letters remained easy to read.

blue engineering logo with connecting letters

Clean, modern, and blue engineering company logo design

The wordmark we designed is a form of connecting logo, with the three letters in the company name connected with a horizontal line that curves at both ends. The curves at either end blend seamlessly with the letters, making the overall effect memorable and impactful.

The wordmark design also has the appearance of a road symmetrically twisting through the initials, abstractly representing both the automotive and engineering aspects of HBI’s brand. We used an electric blue colour for the H B I letters part of the logo, with a dark blue for the word engineering.

The horizontal line in the wordmark logo made it possible to develop other creative elements that elevate the company's brand.
Building sign displaying a blue logo for an engineering company
Blue tote bag with a connecting pattern design at the bottom

From engineering logo ideas to signage and branding design

Our designers used the new logo to create other branding and marketing materials for HBI Engineering, including company signage, bags, business cards, and email signatures. The horizontal line in the wordmark part of the logo is an integral feature in many of these designs.

Stacks of blue and white business cards for an engineering company
Email signature design for an engineering company

Designing blue and white business cards for this engineering company

For HBI Engineering’s new business cards, we used high-quality, textured card stock. We used the logo on the brand’s electrical blue for the front, with the curved-horizontal line featuring heavily on the reverse alongside the contact details. This creates a unique, memorable, and professional impression that’s representative of HBI’s position in the industry.

Blue and white floating business cards for an engineer with a connecting pattern

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