May the labour force be with you on ALH's new website

Website showing employment opportunities in a responsive design on three phones

Building trust, generating leads for Auckland Labour Hire

Auckland Labour Hire is a company dedicated to providing straightforward, cost-effective, and reliable labour force solutions. They approached our Auckland web design company to develop their new site with the aim of enhancing lead generation. Our objective was to create an approachable website design with a welcoming feel. To achieve this, we incorporated shades of blue to create a sense of trust. This also aligns with ALH’s commitment to providing reliable services. We strategically placed text and images within shapes for a visually appealing layout.

One of our key considerations was ensuring that the text on the blue website design flowed seamlessly as users scrolled down the page. This allowed for a smooth reading experience and ensured that the information was easy to digest. In addition, we added subtle hints of animation to certain elements of the labour website design, providing a dynamic and engaging user experience that captivates visitors and encourages them to explore further. The website design, achieved through the use of colours, shapes, text flow, and subtle animations, enhances the user experience and helps generate leads by creating a positive impression on the target audience.


Large monitor and ipad showcasing an approachable design and layout of a labour website
Blue devices showing web design of a contact page and service information for a labour company

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