Helping bricks get laid with construction company logo design

Reid Builders is a passionate and quality-driven construction company. The team asked us to design a new logo that would represent who they are as a company, their values, and what they do. We designed a striking logo with a unique logo mark that will help the company achieve its objectives.

Okay, what’s curvy, black, white, and red all over?

No, that isn’t the start of a slightly dodgy joke. It describes the logo we designed for Reid Builders. To create the logo, we took those colours and mixed in some rabbit design flair, Māori art inspiration, and the values of the Reid Builders brand. The result is a professional, strong, and appealing logo.

The logo fits perfectly with the high-quality building and construction services that Reid Builders offers to customers. It also reflects its values of being passionate and innovative, and of helping young people move from being apprentices to experienced and skilled tradespeople.


Sharp red and black logo design for a building company
Our designers took their inspiration from the repeating circular and parallel patterns in Māori art when they were developing the design concept for the logo icon.

Māori construction company logo design that gets attention

With Māori art as our inspiration, we designed a logo icon for Reid Builders, creating an image that looks like a combination of buildings. The clever design uses a custom grid and geometric shapes to achieve the effect. We were also inspired by the fact that Reid Builders said if they were an animal, they would be a great white shark. Not only does the logo icon have the appearance of builders, but it also looks like shark fins.

To finish the logo, we used a modern sans-serif font for the company name and a red, black, and white colour palette, again using Māori art as the inspiration.

Signage showing building logo design
Professional stationery design for a building company
Home page displayed on a laptop for a building company

Red and black construction company branding

The finished logo is clean, strong, and highly versatile. We used it to help Reid Builders enhance their branding even further, creating designs for a range of marketing materials, signage, business cards, and presentation folders.

We also helped update the Reid Builders website, adding the logo and ensuring the brand colours and style were applied throughout. This created a consistent brand message and positions the company strongly in the local marketplace.

If you are looking for construction company or red and black logo design, please get in touch with us at White Rabbit. We can also help with any other design project you require. Let’s talk today.

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