Creating signage design with substance

We worked with Designer Homeware to produce some impactful signage design that stands out. We provided them with a creative solution that encourages leads, while communicating the modern quality of their products.

Rising to the occasion

Designer Homeware offers jaw-dropping wardrobe designs that can help organise even the most cluttered of wardrobes. They are incredibly passionate about their products and love nothing more than making peoples dreams come true with their custom wardrobe concepts. We aimed to do the same for them with their signage design.

We worked closely with the team, navigating the process from concept right through to the final signage design. We accessed their current branding and discovered how we could push this to the next level.

Designer Homeware required a simple, bold solution to direct people to their stunning showroom and we delivered.


Signage design
By taking our time to understand a company, we not only create better signage design. We better serve our clients, attract new business and position ourselves for future success.

Signage design that sells

Our graphic design applications for Designer Homeware are crisp and professional-looking while adhering to their corporate colour palette. We utilised their bright green to emphasise their call to action. This provided a lively and refreshing contrast to the white background of the signage design.

Every element our team creates is given the same care and attention to detail so we often keep pushing and developing the brand with the client.

After multiple creative suggestions and ideas, we settled on what we called the ‘angular’ concept. It features a bold headline in an angled shape, overlapping the angled image. It’s visually interesting and catches your eye as it looks a bit unexpected, and also associates with the unique customisations that they offer.

Sign design NZ

Growing into a new art direction

The signage design set the stage for us to leverage our design skills and keep driving their business forward.

Designer Homeware now has the peace of mind knowing that they have a graphic design agency that understands their audience, visual strategy, and core values. The whole design process also helped to establish and improve existing brand assets for future projects.

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