Reaching new heights in brochure design for this new development

The estate agent for a new Silverdale neighbourhood in Auckland asked us to develop a brochure aimed at new home buyers. We designed a brochure that gave all the necessary information in addition to setting the tone for Silverdale living.

Effective real estate brochure design

Real estate brochures need to provide potential home buyers with information to help them understand if the development might match their requirements. However, this is not all a real estate company brochure should do. Instead, it should also help the potential buyer imagine what it will be like living in the home and area.

Resonating emotionally with readers and persuading them to invest was the approach our design agency took when we were asked to create a new brochure for the Eastcoast Heights development in Silverdale. When hiring us for real estate brochure design, the estate agent wanted the brochure to reflect the heart of the area.


Brochure design for a real estate company showing house renders and nice wave patterns
Making an emotional connection with readers is essential to achieve the best results in real estate brochure design.
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Design features to inspire

Eastcoast Heights is set in a stunning landscape with rolling hills, nature walks, golden beaches, and the beauty of the ocean. The development itself is luxurious and offers a relaxed, comfortable way of life. Our designers have experience creating luxury real estate brochures, so they were able to bring out these qualities in their design.

One of the features of the design is the multiple wavy lines that have a relaxing appearance, and which also represent the rolling nature of the landscape. This design created a motif that provided an excellent background to the architectural images in the brochure.

Luxury real estate brochures

The height of luxury

When selling properties in a new development, brochures and presentation folders are essential tools. In the brochure, our graphic designers showcased the real estate on offer with large-scale images that maximised the luxurious feel. The presentation folder was designed to look highly luxurious and sophisticated, with a black background that emphasized the coloured areas of the design.

As for the colour palette, our designers chose an ocean style to match how close the sea is to the Eastcoast Heights development. They also added a hint of red on the map to accentuate certain elements, as well as to create a fun and vibrant contrast. The selected typeface was clean and easy to read.

Top view of a presentation folder with a navy design for a real estate company
Custom business presentation folders

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