Diving into a fountain of beauty with this logo design

Beauty company logo design

A sleek logo for a small business

Fontaine is a company specialising in restorative aesthetic skin treatments. Our Auckland design agency was tasked with designing their logo, which draws inspiration from 1600 emblems and drawings. The logo features a flowing fountain with three stars symbolising youth, placed on a summit to represent the transformation that the client can bring to their clients.

To achieve a hand-drawn look, we used fundamental shading techniques such as elegant lines and dots in the design. The colour palette we chose includes earthy neutral tones of green, gold, and beige, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the logo design. The combination of the flowing fountain, stars, and hand-drawn elements in the design creates a unique and memorable visual identity for the client, reflecting their commitment to providing exceptional services.

Elegant fountain logo design for beauty company
Gorgeous feminine beauty business cards
Best beauty company logo signage design in NZ

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