The birth of a harmonious logo design

Bold logo design inspired by nature on a neutral colour palette

Our growing path to design a logo inspired by nature and balance

Our Evolution Effect is a reputable life coaching company that aims to empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals. They approached our design agency to create a logo that would reflect their brand’s essence – a calming and inviting nature that would resonate with their clients. Our design team came up with a unique nature logo design inspired by the ambigram technique. It features two abstract lowercase E’s that are positioned in opposition to each other, forming an abstract ‘O’ when combined.

The logo also draws inspiration from the concept of yin and yang, which represents opposite but interconnected forces. This element of the yin and yang logo symbolises the theme of success and happiness that Our Evolution Effect strives to achieve for its clients. We created a secondary lockup of the logo to fit smaller spaces. The circular look of the initials complement the logomark, giving a recognisable visual for the life coaching brand. The colour palette chosen for the life coach branding further enhances the calming and inviting nature of the brand. The earthy brown tone creates a sense of tranquility and approachability.


Logo drawn from the yin and yang symbol
Logo showing initials of a life coaching brand inspired by nature
Neutral business card against a nature background
Eco tote bag displaying life coach branding
Clear bottle showing a label of a logo for a life coach company

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