Creating modern real estate business cards for this respected agency

When Ngatahi Real Estate asked us to design their business cards, our team focused on creating a design that was contemporary and sophisticated while also establishing trust and authenticity. The company is an authority in its field, and the business cards we designed are an accurate representation of this.

Designing real estate agent business cards that make a statement

In the real estate industry, a company that provides a premium level of service needs business cards that reflect those high standards and attention to detail. Ngatahi Real Estate wanted to collaborate with a NZ graphic design company that understood this and could create a slick new business card design for them. They wanted their business cards to represent their values of humbleness and integrity.

It is a company that is already successful in the New Zealand property and real estate industry, not least because of its ability to positively react to market conditions and client requirements. Therefore, they also wanted their business cards to be modern and slick to reflect this success.


Real estate agent business cards
The design we created for Ngatahi Real Estate was sophisticated in its simplicity, demonstrating the potential of simple real estate business cards.
Real estate premium business cards

Adding black spot UV features to this client’s business cards

Black spot UV is a design feature used to highlight particular sections of business cards, lifting those sections from the rest of the content and making them shine – quite literally. Our designers used a black spot gloss UV treatment on the business cards they designed for Ngātahi Real Estate. It was applied to the company’s logo.

The front of the card featured a large logo with the spot UV effect in addition to the company name. The visual effect of this is striking and makes a valuable first impression. The contact details for each member of the team were printed on the reverse side. We also included the logo with a spot UV effect in the top right corner of this side.

Black spot UV business cards

Creating unique real estate business cards and designs

The positioning of the logo in the top right of the card on the contact details side added a design feature. It also had the effect of creating a connection and showing a sense of unity between team members in the company.

In terms of colours, simplicity was again the key focus to maintain the modern, stylish, and sophisticated design. We used black as the background on the front and back of the card, with clear, bright white writing for the contact details using a crisp and modern font.

We also used finely drawn icons to highlight the contact details and to add a further modern twist to the design. To discuss your requirements for realtor business cards, get in touch with us a White Rabbit today.

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