Housing a professional look for Inspected Residential

Blue and white R house logo for a property inspection company

Our bunnies raised the roof for Inspected Residential’s logo and business card design

Inspected Residential is a reputable building inspection company that provides comprehensive services to homeowners and property buyers. They approached our design agency with the need for a distinctive logo design and business card that would effectively represent their brand identity.

We came up with a clever blue colour logo that not only captures the essence of a house but also incorporates a combination of elements to make up a unique and memorable identity. The logo mark we designed for Inspected Residential features a clever fusion of a house, a magnifying glass and the letter R which nod to the industry, reflects the action of inspection and the last initial of the company name. The use of blue in the R house logo adds a sense of professionalism and reliability, which aligns with the company’s core values.

We applied a professional and sleek treatment to the business card design with the details highlighted with a bold sans serif typeface. The R house business card creates a strong first impression to those who encounter the company.

Process showing the creation of a house logo
Blue logo designed for a property inspection company featuring a R house icon and professional typeface
Logo mark designed using shades of blue to create a house made from the letter R
Square signage showing blue logo in the shape of a house in the ltter R
Tote bag displaying a r logo for a property inspection company
Business cards with tones of blue for a property company
Blue and white business card design for a property inspection business

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