Getting it in one with property industry business card design

The team at Oneciti asked us to create new business cards that would set them apart from their competitors and help make a connection with potential clients. The business card design that we created was sophisticated and modern to accurately represent this property management business and its unique selling point.

Cutting through with property management business cards

Property management is a highly competitive industry. Our client, Oneciti, has a USP that effectively cuts through the noise and presents an appealing value proposition for clients – it is a property management company run by landlords for landlords. It needed new business cards that would enhance this offering and help cement its reputation in the industry.

Our brief was to create business cards that had a corporate tone but were also striking, simple, and trendy. That was a lot for our designers to get into as they worked to create a unique and highly specific design.


Real estate and property management business card design
The property business is about people, not houses or buildings, so the business cards we created for Oneciti focused on the company's people.
Property management business cards

Proudly putting the property managers out front in our design

There are many ways to display people’s names on business cards. For Oneciti, we used a typeface that was unapologetically bold to make the names of the property managers the key feature of the business cards. We then displayed other details on the card in a more subtle and corporate way, enhancing the names even further.

The colour palette we used came from the company’s existing branding to ensure consistency across other marketing materials and touchpoints. However, we used those colours intelligently, including to create a stunning contrast with one side of the card in white and the other in a deep brown.

Property manager business card

Striking yet minimalist – the perfect match for today’s property market

We added a contemporary feel to Oneciti’s business cards by using modern icons for the contact details. We also creatively used the orange in the company’s brand palette, particularly in the display of the website address.

The final design is a business card that establishes trust and authority in addition to being on-trend and agile, all of which are essential qualities in the property management industry. The branding is also strong, making the business cards recognisable and memorable, enhancing the brand’s persona.

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