Creating a cutting edge logo and business card design

Badge style inspired by a dog's face on a black background for a fabrication company
White hanging signage with a sharp looking logo design for a fabrication business

Our bunnies were sharper than ever designing Huntaway Fabrication’s brand assets

Huntaway Fabrication, a company specialising in manufacturing high-end truck decks and canopies, approached us with a clear vision for their logo design and business card. One key element they wanted to incorporate was their huntaway dog.

To bring their vision to life, we started by creating a logomark that featured the face of a huntaway dog, constructed using sharp geometric shapes. This not only added a modern and sleek look to the dog face logo but also allowed for easy laser cutting, adding a practical element to the design that the client wanted. The geometric dog face was placed within a circular badge design, which gave it a sense of prominence and created a cool aesthetic. The badge approach also reflected the robustness and durability of Huntaway Fabrication’s products, further enhancing the brand’s identity.

In addition to the sharp dog logo, we designed their business card using the brand’s chosen colour palette of charcoal and green. The black and green business card features a clean and professional layout, with the logo prominently displayed. Modern icons were used to add a contemporary touch and enhance the overall aesthetic. The inclusion of their huntaway dog in the logo and business card design added a personal touch, creating a memorable and unique brand identity that resonated with Huntaway Fabrication’s values and set them apart from their competitors.

Process showing creation of a dog face logo
Green dog face logo created from geometric shapes for a fabrication business
Dog face logo on the back of a truck achieved by laser cutting
Business cards made for a fabrication company featuring black and green tones
Business cards made for a fabrication company featuring black and green tones and a dog face
White mug featuring a dog face logo

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