Timberiffic brochure design

Hands picking up a brochure containing a black and white design

Professional black and white brochure design built on great design principles

The Blackwood Project, a leading distributor of high-quality timber for building projects, engaged us to design a brochure that would professionally showcase their premium materials. Our goal was to create a professional black and white brochure design that would appeal to their target audience of architects and builders.

We began by selecting striking imagery of a finished project for the front, highlighting the beauty and quality of The Blackwood Project’s timber. This impactful visual sets the tone for the building project brochure design, immediately drawing the reader in. We used elegant serif typography for the titles, paired with a clean sans-serif typeface for the body text. This combination balances classic and contemporary design elements, reflecting the company’s blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation.

Red line elements and ample white space are used throughout the catalogue brochure design to separate sections and enhance readability. Overall, the brochure effectively communicates the quality and versatility of timber, reinforcing the brand as a trusted provider of superior building materials.


Stack of floating brochures showcasing building projects in a modern layout
Pile of brochures showing a design for timber catalogue
Catalogues spread out showing building projects in a modern design layout
Catalogue brochure design displaying timber projects

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