Creating a trucking great logo for a top freight and logistics company

When creating a new logo for Frontline Logistics, our designers wanted the design to portray reliability and efficiency. We also made the logo unique using the initials of the company. Whether printed on the side of the company's trucks, on its website, or on business cards, it effectively represents the brand.

Getting from A to B with freight company logo design

Frontline Logistics provides freight, logistics, and transport solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. This means its trucks are out on New Zealand’s roads, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase the brand. This was front and centre of our minds when we started creating a new company logo design for them.

It had to be modern, clever, and eye-catching. It also had to be memorable, whether seeing it on a business card or driving past you on a truck. Our designers also focused on simplicity in the new logo design, something that is also a feature in the best logistics industry logos.


Red and black logo design for a freight company
Truck on an angle displaying a logistics logo for a trucking company
Our designers created two shapes to creatively form the letter F with the bottom shape representing the L in the company's name.
Logistics industry logo on packaging tape

Delivering a strong transport and logistics company logo

During the process of designing the illustration representing the letter F, our team manipulated the top shape to create a speed effect. This represents Frontline Logistics’ delivery efficiency. The colour red gets attention, plus the typeface makes it super easy to read the company name and tagline. This makes the brand highly visible wherever the logo is displayed.

Red and white business cards for Freight company

The best route for getting freight company business cards

With the design of the new logo complete, our team started creating new business cards for Frontline Logistics. The logo was applied to the front with a clear white background. This uncluttered design is highly professional.

We used the F shape on the other side of the card, inverting the red and white colours to create a contrasting effect between the logo illustration and the contact details. We used a modern and crisp typeface for the contact details, with the name of the person printed in the same shade of red.

This design makes the business cards themselves crisp and clean and helps get across the essential qualities of professionalism, efficiency, and reliability.

Logomark of the letter f displayed on a mug

Designing logistics industry logos

The logo we designed for Frontline Logistics also looks eye-catching and modern on other marketing materials, as well as on signage. If you are looking for a new logo for your freight or logistics brand, get in touch with our local Auckland graphic design company to get the creative process started.

Logo design for a shipping logistics commpany

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