Piloting through the design process to create memorable business cards

Pilot operates in the entertainment and arts industries, so its branding and logo design needs to stand out in a world where creativity is the name of the game. Our designers developed highly unique, creative, and custom-shaped business cards to ensure maximum visibility and brand recognition.

Time for the rabbit to pull a unique design out of the hat

Pilot Production provides specialist event management, production, and technical services in the arts and entertainment industries. They were looking for ambitious graphic design companies and ended up asking White Rabbit to design new business cards, a new logo, and new branding, with a brief that included making sure the new cards were bold, eye-catching, professional, and unique. As Pilot operates in the creative industries, design creativity was an essential component of the project too.

The company was also rebranding from its previous name of Burning Black Productions, so the new branding and business card design had to ensure a seamless transition from old to new.

Production company logo design
P letter flame logo

Demonstrating passion, professionalism, and partnership with a P

Our designers started by creating a new logo design that would then be used on the business cards. We used a bold sans serif font as the base for the company name, incorporating a flame in the P to play on the phrase “pilot light” and as a nod to the previous company name. We used contrasting black and white colours to emphasise the bold look, and to add sophistication and elegance to the design.

Ticket shaped business cards design

Just the ticket for stylish, sophisticated, and memorable business card design

The black and white logo design of the company name would work well in an event context, as well as ensuring the brand would stand out from other production company logos. It also provided our designers with a foundation for the development of the business cards. Pilot wanted a design that would set them apart. Taking inspiration from the entertainment industry, our designers developed a ticket-shaped design for the new business cards.

Funky shaped business cards

Special shaped business cards stand out while also making brands more memorable. So, instead of recipients taking a business card and almost instantly forgetting about it, the unique shape makes them take notice. The ticket shape that we created for Pilot Productions was ideally suited to the brand and would resonate with its customers.

We also added the words “Your ticket to collaborate” to the business cards to create an eye-catching feature that also doubled as a call to action. On the reverse side of the card, we included the contact details in a clear and easy-to-read form. A QR code was also included to make it easy for customers to quickly get to the Pilot website.

Pilot flag
To create the best production company logos or logos for other brands in the entertainment industry, you need unique design features that get noticed.
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You also have a ticket to collaborate

At White Rabbit, our designers would love the opportunity to unleash their creativity to design unique business cards for your business. We specialise in die-cut business cards, but we also have a range of other design features that we can use too. Are you ready to place an order for uniquely shaped business cards?

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