Logos good enough to eat with a side order of marketing materials

Prep Plant Based Meals asked us to create a new logo, ecommerce website, and other marketing materials to take their branding to a new level. We developed a new visual identity and a modern, attractive website that delivers a fantastic user experience.

Grazing on our creative landscape to create a vegan logo design

As the name suggests, Prep Plant Based Meals supplies ready-to-prepare meals with plant-based ingredients. It competes in a market showing impressive growth, so it needed a brand identity that would resonate with customers, and a website that ensured a smooth and hassle-free purchasing process.

It was a project we were delighted to get our big rabbit teeth into as it meant using the diverse range of skills that we have here at White Rabbit. The starting point was their logo. Our Auckland design agency wanted the logo to represent the passion those in Prep have for plant-based foods, plus it had to appeal to customers. The solution we came up with was a P and leaf logo design.

Logo construction made up of the letter P and a leaf shape
P leaf logo for a vegan food company
Green leaf logo design for a vegan meal delivery service

One small step for rabbits, one giant leaf for plant-based logo design

When looking for a graphic designer NZ owned and operated Prep approached White Rabbit with enthusiasm. This enthusiasm was contagious and our designers illustrated a logo icon that blended the letter P with the shape of a leaf. The use of negative space for the leaf shape enhances the design and memorability of the brand. We also used a beautiful dark forest green to create a point of difference with Prep’s competitors.

We then used a modern, expressively handmade, and highly humanist typeface for the word prep, with a thinner weight used for the rest of the brand name. The result is a logo that represents the values of the company while appealing directly to the interests of its customers.


Branding for a plant based meal delivery company placed on a canvas tote bag

Planting the Prep P leaf logo design on various marketing assets

With the logo designed, our team created other marketing and branding assets the company could use, with the P letter and leaf logo being central to the designs. Those assets included t-shirts, tote bags, and meal kit packaging, ensuring branding consistency across the various touchpoints that customers have with the Prep brand and team.

The modern, nature-inspired design we created for the website was fully optimised to encourage sales.

Stunning food and meal kit delivery website design

Our team took a deep dive into Prep’s business to understand their requirements and the competitive landscape. Our goals were to make the eCommerce website design user-friendly and ensure it stood out from the competition. It was also important it looked attractive and modern on all devices.

We achieved this with a clean design style, rounded corners, intelligent use of background colours to break up content sections, attractive imagery, and a crisp mobile experience.

Optimising meal delivery website UX and UI

The objective of the website for Prep is to generate meal kit sales, both with existing and new customers. Achieving this required expert UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design. To ensure maximum conversions, our designers strategically located calls to action (CTA), integrating those CTAs with the checkout process. We also optimised the checkout process with attractive design and intuitive steps that make it super simple to complete a purchase.

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