Cutting-edge logo, card and neon sign design

Shopping bag standing up featuring a hair salon logo

Our bunnies delivered hair-raising results for a local hair salon logo

Pitman Hair Studio, a local hair-cutting and colouring service, takes immense pride in their hospitable and lively demeanor. Their team approached us with the goal of creating a logo, signage, and appointment cards that authentically represent their essence.

To achieve this, we crafted a captivating hair salon logo design in wordmark form that encapsulates the salon’s energetic spirit. Careful consideration was given to selecting a typeface that would complement the neon signage produced later on. The hair salon logo showcases a striking black and hot pink palette, featuring a stylised “A” that cleverly resembles both a fringe and a pair of scissors. This playful and eye-catching element pays homage to the hair industry, making the design truly stand out. The neon sign design radiates an energetic ambiance for the salon, ensuring their essence remains vibrant even after hours.

For the appointment cards, we integrated the logo’s design elements and incorporated the alluring pink tones. The pink appointment card design includes vital salon information and offers ample space for clients to jot down their appointment details. This simplistic yet impactful design reinforces the salon’s brand identity and strengthens customer loyalty.

Sleek logo design for a hair salon
Pink and black logo design for a hair salon
Appointment cards designed in black and pink for a hair salon
Black and pink cards used for hair salon appointments
Pink neon sign for a hair salon
Signage displaying a logo for a hair salon company

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